Joel Zehring

A New Music Scraper with MongoDB and Handlebars

Some boot camp projects come easy, and some require MongoDB and Handlebars. The goal for this project involved scraping a site for recent news articles, inserting parts of those articles in a MongoDB database, then displaying the scrapings through Handlebars views. Scraping with Cheerio was relatively easy, especially since my new job as Robotic Process Automation involves a lot of web scraping through UiPath. Things definitely got wonky once I started adding routes to the server.js file. Scraping took longer, and only a few articles were added to the database. Introducing Handlebars to view the articles added even more complexity, mainly by adding an extra syntax to keep track of. The app should include the ability to save and add notes to a given article, but that functionality will have to wait for a rainy day when I have more time to chip away at the project.

Deployed app here and repo here.

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